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This article said the sound signal to help the deaf  to cross the street at a crosswalk were broke down and city hall didn’t fix it very long time.

When I read this article I got mad because they are ordinary people too.

They have rights to live, eat, work, enjoy their leisure and so on.

So we have to protect their rights and active more freely

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This article said in America the disabled can visit art museum with guide dog.

Why am I pick up this articles?

Because in Korea, visit to museum, it is hard to go inside with guide dog.

Every people must enjoy their hobbies or culture.

But Korean thought enjoy in every public area with dogs it was dirty and smelling.

So I thought when they read this article, and  they changed their minds, like “Every one have to enjoy their hobbies

and cultrue life!!

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Economics and Politics

In Korea, Occupational Therapist paid about 1800000won.

And Occuaptional Therapy developed better than when OT  came to Korea at first.

Occupational Therapy treat people who has disability or difficult to act in daily living, and so on.

So OT seperated several classification to treatment.

Child, adult and old man were treat to Occupational therapist then it will comfortable to act from soial life. 



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Mild TBI – ADL Level 4

a. TBI may result from penetration of a skull or brain acceleration.

   Mild TBI can cause a loss of memory and consciousness. And they can’t concentration

   long time. But they can recover completely.


b. Even with a Mild TBI I will still be able to perform my favorite occupations of:

    listening to music, riding a bike, seeing a movie and raising a hedgedog.

   But it will be difficult to travel by myself.


c. If you want to go to travel ownself, you have to receive hlep from friends or family.

   This is because when a person has a Mild TBI-ADL level 4 planning becomes very

   difficult.   So OT can give a cue when you are in troubles.

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History of Korea Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy in Korea started in the 1950s.

When Korean soliders were injured in war, American soliders “cured” them.

The American army established the first OT school “jeongyangwon” in Pusan, Korea.

In 1960s, the first Korean OT appeared.

Korean OTs  met several times and eventually because members of the WFOT. 

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My Framework


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My Framework

My Framework

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